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New online application process for yellow bus service

Applications for yellow bus service can now be submitted online. Whether you’re a new rider or a returning rider, you need to apply for yellow bus service before June 1, 2020 for the 2020-21 school year. Learn more about eligibility and how to apply. If you have any issues applying or aren’t able to submit the form online, please contact our school.


Yellow bus service to Rutherford School is provided from the communities of Cloverdale, Idylwylde, and Strathearn.    Regular program yellow bus service is provided in neighbourhoods without a local school, but only where:

  • the walk distance to the designated school is excessive, and
  • ETS service is not available or adequate.


To be eligible for regular program yellow bus service a student must:

  • attend the regular program at their designated school
  • live outside of the walk boundary
  • live within the bus service area
  • be in K - Grade 6 (or K - 12 in areas where ETS service does not meet standards).

Bus Routes and Stop Locations

Yellow bus routes serving students in the regular program are called fixed routes. Students on fixed bus routes walk a short distance (usually less than 400 metres) from home to a nearby ETS stop or intersection.

Ride Times

The ride may be up to 60 minutes one-way, but most students are on the bus for 15 to 35 minutes. Students living in rural or outlying area may be on the bus longer than 60 minutes.

For more information on yellow bus service or to apply for yellow bus service please contact the school.