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Lunch & Nutrition

At Rutherford School we offer a lunch program for students to eat lunch at school as a service to parents who enroll their children in the program and lunch supervisors are provided to support students over the lunch time.  The supervisors help students during the lunch hour while encouraging students to be calm and relaxed while taking a break to eat their lunches. They also supervise them outside on the playground during the lunch recess break.  

At Rutherford, we have students with severe allergies to peanuts and nuts. We ask that families refrain from sending food that contains nuts—such as peanut butter or nut spread sandwiches. While this might pose an inconvenience, these products might mean a life-threatening situation for those with severe allergies. Our collective responsibility is to ensure a safe environment for everyone. If your child has any serious medical concerns, please let our staff know so we can have the appropriate measures and procedures in place.

Student Expectations

- Follow the direction of the lunchroom supervisor(s) in a respectful manner.

- Eat only the lunch your parents send for you.  Take home or compost unused food.

- Use good table manners and be courteous to others.

- Use appropriate receptacles for garbage, composting and recycling.

Some tips for helping students have a successful lunch:

  • Please label all lunch kits and dishware with your child’s name.
  • We are happy to help open containers and help your child set up their meals.
  • Please remember to bring cutlery for your lunch.
  • Microwaves are not available. Please bring heated food in a thermos.