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Our parking lot is a busy place, especially early in the morning and after school. All parking spaces are used and paid for by staff. There are no visitor spots available. Please leave the designated handicapped space for the appropriate purpose. All parking should be on the street. Parking on the south side of the building has restricted times but parents often find that there is space available on the west side of the school. Please be mindful of traffic safety rules. Vehicles parked inappropriately will be ticketed.

Student Drop-Off and Pick-Up

Student drop-off and pick-up times can be busy and confusing for children. Please have a safe plan for you and your children. Parents should drop off and pick up their children in a way that ensures they have a safe route into the school and one that does not cause traffic congestion. Please do not pull into the parking spots or wait in the lot for children.

Safety Patrols

Rutherford students work as Safety Patrols at the intersection of 88 Avenue and 92 Street every morning and after school. Students and adults are expected to follow the lead of these trained and conscientious safety volunteers.