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Lunch & Nutrition

At Rutherford School we offer a lunch program as a service to parents who enroll their children in the program and staff are hired specifically to supervise students.  The supervisors help students with heating food, encourage students to be calm and relaxed while eating and supervise them outside on the playground.  During cold and rainy weather they provide fun activities for children to do indoors during the lunch break.   

Fees cover the cost of hiring adequate supervisors, for replacing microwave ovens, purchasing other supplies and additional custodial costs.  We charge $21 per month for children staying on a full-time basis and $2 per day on a drop-in basis.  Students participating in lunch-time extra-curricular opportunities must also pay fees.  Students staying to eat during special fun lunch events sponsored by our Rutherford School Council are not required to pay.

Rutherford School Lunchroom Expectations:

Student Expectations

- Follow the direction of the lunchroom supervisor(s) in a respectful manner

- Eat only the lunch your parents send for you.  Take home or compost unused food
- Use good table manners and be courteous to others

- Use appropriate receptacles for garbage, composting and recycling

- Remain on school property and within the designated play areas. Children may not leave to go to the store

Parent Expectations

- Send microwave-safe containers if lunch items are to be warmed up in the microwave. Please ensure that microwavable items are those that take no longer than 1 minute to heat

- Send appropriate utensils and food containers (bowls, plates, etc.)

- Mark your child’s name on all lunch bag, boxes and containers

- Should your child need to leave the school during the noon hour, please notify the school through a note

- Please make payments promptly

Vending Machine

For the convenience of children and adults a drink machine is located in the workroom across the hall from the office.  Water, flavored water, chocolate and vanilla Milk-2-Go and juice are available.  Children may make purchases, during recess, lunch and immediately after school.

Lunch Lady

Lunch Lady services are provided as a fee to parents. This hot lunch service is at our school on Fridays. For more information go to thelunchlady.ca